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Name: Trent   Boom-Down
Race: Jackalope Age: 45    Sex: Male
Hit Points: 170 S.D.C.: 60 AR: 14
Level: 11 O.C.C: Samurai
Alignment: Scrupulous                                                                     
Savings: 500 in gold 300 in gems
I.Q.: 22 Skill Bonuses: + 8 %
M.E.: 18 Save VS Psionics/Insanity:  %
M.A.: 19 Trust Intimidate: 55 %
P.S.: 23 Damage Bonuses: + %
P.P.: 29 Strike Parry & Dodge: + %
P.E.: 16 Coma/Death: % Magic/ Poison: +
P.B.: 11 Charm Impress: % Horror factor: + Aw: +
S.P.D.: 34
P.P.E: 58   I.S.P.: 173 Master Psychic
Size: Height: 5 FT 8 INCHES  Weight: 91 lbs
Natural Abilities:
1. Sing:  Jackalopes are natural singers and all have great voices.  + 25% to sing
2. Leaping:  10ft across and 8ft high from a standing position 20ft across and 16ft high with a running start.
3. Running:  Can run in miles equal to their amount of P.E. points without tiring or stopping and maintaining their maximum speed.  This can be done three  times per day with short stops for water and food
4. Nightvision: range 200 feet.
The ability to see clearly in darkness.
This does  includes total darkness.  They are able to see in total darkness like in a cave.
5. Advanced Sense of Hearing: Gives the jackalope the ability to hear very faint sounds (light footsteps, small animals breathing).  The jackalope can also overhear conversation at a much greater distances than is normally possible. Adds a plus 2 to initiative.
6. Heightened Sense of Smell: Range 90 ft.
An exceptional sense of smell that can identify any smell within 90ft.
∑ Recognize specific odors: 60% +4 % per level of experience.
∑ Recognize a person by sent alone: 45% +5 % per level of experience.
∑ Recognize poisons and toxins: 50% +5 % per level of experience.  Note: some poison gases are odorless/tasteless/colorless.
∑ Track by smell: 40% +5 % per level of experience.  Reduce by 10% in a city or town.  Roll every 200 yards.
7.    Supernatural Strength and Physical Endurance.

Speak and read Japanese languages at ( 98%) Literate in Dragonese (98%) Track Animals (98%)
Speak Dragonese & English ( 98%)Demongogian ( 86%) Basic Math (98%)Forage for food (98%)
Tracking (98 %) Counter Tracking ( 98 %) Go (98%)Land Navigation (98 %)
Samurai Horsemanship ( 98%) Demon & Monster Lore ( 98%) Wilderness Survival ( 98%)
Calligraphy ( 98%)Prowl ( 98%) Climbing:( 98%) Gymnastics Back Flip ( 98%) Climb Rope ( 98%)
Work parallel bars & rings ( 98%)Senesce of Balance (  98%) Land Navigation ( 89%) Boxing
Secondary Skills:
Tracking (  58%) Counter Tracking (  58%) Detect Ambush (  98%) Detect Concealment ( 53%) Athletics
Save VS.: Insanity( 2 ) Psionics ( 2 ) Magic ( 3 ) Magic Ritual ( 1 ) Death /Coma (  ) Poison ( 3 )
Horror Factor ( 8 ) Mind Control ( 1)
Combat Hand to hand: ( Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo )Number of attacks:( 8 )  Initiative:( 6 )
Restrained Punch:( 1D4 S.D.C. ) Punch ( 2D4 S.D.C.) Power Punch ( 2D4x2 S.D.C. ) Knife Hand ( 2D4 SDC )
Kick (5D6 S.D.C.) Leap Kick (6D6 S.D.C.) Power Kick (1D4x10 M.D.) Backward Sweep Kick ( No damage  )
Horns ( 1D4  S.D.C.) Body Block (4D6 S.D.C.)
Bonuses: Damage: +4   Strike: +1  Parry: +3  Dodge: +6  Pull: +6   Roll: +7  Maintain Balance: +3  Disarm:
Special Attacks
Knockout:(  ) Death blow:( 20 ) Critical Strike:( 18-20  )
Body Armor
AR.  S.D.C.  (-      )  M.D.C.  (-      )    AR  S.D.C  (-       )  M.D.C.  (-       )
Weapons                         STK.     P     R     Range     Damage      Payload      SPARE E-CLIPS /AMMO
Katana                                  6             6                        1D4x10 M.D.
Wakizashi                            6             8                         4D6 M.D.
H-13 Ion Pistol                    6             3        800FT      2D6 or 6D6  20 shots      3 spare E-Clips
H-13 Ion Pistol                    6             3        800FT     2D6 or 6D6   20 shots      3 spare E-Clips
AT-230                                 6                       1300FT    1D4x10+10 10 shots       4 spare E-Clips
P-Beam Rifle
Fan of Fire                           2 Flame 5          100FT     3D6MD
Weapon Skills/Proficiencies
Ancient Weapons/W.P.s        Strike  Parry  Throw  Pull
Paired Weapons
Daisho Sword                                5          7        3
Staff    4  5  2
Samurai Fan                                   4
Sword                                             4          6        2          3
Blunt                                              2           1        1
Battle Axe                                     1           0        1
Knife                                              1          0         1
W.P. Archery & Targeting       Strike      Parry      Rate      Range
Samurai Archery                            5                            8          850FT
Modern Weapons      Aim      Strike      Burst     + %     PER LVL
Heavy Energy Rifle      6            3             6             98
Energy Pistol                 6           3             6             98
Energy Rifle                  4           2              6             62
Psionics                       Range                  Duration             Save                 VS.                                 I.S.P.
Bio-Regeneration       Self                      Permanent         None                                                          20
Supercharge               Self                  1 min per level       None                                                           30
Healing Touch           Touch                  Instant  2 min                                                                        6
Increased Healing  Touch or 3FT     2D4 days None                                                                        10
Psychic Diagnosis  Touch or 3FT     Immediate Knowledge                                                          4
Psychic Surgery      Touch                 Varies w/injury                                                                      14
Deaden Pain       Touch or 3FT         1 hour per level                                                                       4

Equipment: The average Jackalope starts out with two water bags each can hold half a gallon of water, sword and dagger, small pocket knife 20 feet of rope, tent and bed roll, a basic herb kit for medical reasons, five days of dried rations, a bow and a quiver of two dozen arrows, a cloak or duster, light body armor, utility belt, backpack, and satchel, 3 torches



A god that truly loves a good fight be it either for the light or the dark.  Krom look forward to each and every battle be it one of his servants or a hated enemy.  Krom always grants any boon within his sphere of influence, if a warrior can prove his or her worth by fighting Krom or by some great feat in battle.  Krom has been known to join in a fight to help a champion or villain (that has caught his attention) to win the day and then challenge the winner to a test of combat.

                Krom very rarely kills the loser of these contests but may give them their life and a miner magical weapon.  All of this depends on his mood at the time and how much he likes the champion.  Or at the time of their death (not by his hand) Krom may come to them and ask that they would like to be one of his subjects the Immortals.

                Krom loves to drink and chase women and has many friends in the Norse panthem of gods.  He love strong drink so much that he may even stop a fight to go and have a few drinks with his enemy or stop fighting to bed a comely wench.

Name: Krom

Race: Intelligence/God

Age: Unknown Possible Truly Immortal

Sex: Male

Hit Points: 3010

S.D.C: 3100

A.R.: 16

M.D.C.: 6110

Bio-Regenerates 2D6 x 100 H.P. /S.D.C./M.D. Per Melee


Level: 17th Samurai 15th Warlock

Alignment: Unprincipled

Savings: 1.2 Million credits on hand plus 25,000 in gems and gold.


I.Q.: 18,M.E.: 14,M.A.: 22,P.S.: 39,P.P.: 23,P.E.: 27,P.B.: 17,S.P.D.: 19

P.P.E.: 9000  I.S.P.: 12

Size: Height: 6' 10" to 15'Length: Width: Weight: 410 lbs

Appearance: Krom is a natural shape shifter and can take on any humanoid and animal shape.  Krom will often appear as a grisly old fighter or as youth that is itching for a fight.  In either for, Krom is a deadly opponent.  In animal form krom will appear as a raven or crow but he still retains the ability to talk and cast spells and has all of the power of the animal shape that he appears in.  

Deific Powers: Krom has the full range of power over his followers, and can perform all prototypical deific powers at regular cost, as well as the following special powers:

Godly Powers and Abilities

1.       Supernatural Senses: Krom has the ability to sense supernatural beings.  This power does not cost Krom any I.S.P. and has a range of (210 feet) 60 feet + 10 feet per level of experience.  This ability does not pinpoint the location of these creatures, only whether they have entered or left the range of the Kroms senses.  When looking at an individual creature, Krom has a chance to detect its true nature.  Base chance of success.  (98%) 40% plus 4 % per level of experience.

2.        Magical Powers: Krom knows all Fire and earth elemental spells as a 17th level warlock. He has + 9 to save vs magic.  A spell strength of +6

3.        Sword (special) Duration: Permanent as long as Krom has his sword is drawn and in his hand.  Can be canceled at any time by Krom. Saving Throw: None.  Psi-swords are psychic energy weapons that a psychic character can mentally will into existence.  In the case of Krom, the Psi-sword manifests around his sword every time he draws it from its sheath.  A field of mega damage energy appears around the sword that has the same effect as a normal Psi-sword, but without the use of any I.S.P.  The color of the field of energy can even change to match the mood of Krom.  The physical sword that the Psi-swords manifest around becomes an indestructible weapon, able to parry energy, mystic, and rune weapons without damaging the sword itself.  Projectiles, laser, and energy beams can be parried as well, without damaging the sword, but without any skill modifiers.   Psi-sword damage: 6D6 at level one in addition to any P.S. bonuses.  Add 1D6 at levels two, three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, and level fifteen.   The damage points can be adjusted to inflict a minimum of 2D6 damage points, or increased by increments of 1D6 up to the character's current maximum.  Also add in any special damage done by the physical sword. Kroms Psi-sword does 10D6 Note: Add Kroms physical sword damage to the damage done by the Psi-sword.  Plus add in any P.S. damage and add 2D6 to the total damage.

4.        Supercharge: Range: Self  Duration: One minute per level of experience. I.S.P.: 20  (30 in mega damage worlds). Saving Throw: None. This power channels Kroms psychic energies into his own body, temporarily granting him +6 to P.S., which becomes supernatural, and an additional 40 S.D.C (S.D.C. becomes M.D.C. in Rifts settings) for the duration of the power.  This power is especially handy when combating vampires and other superhuman monstrosities.

5.        Night Stalking: Hide in shadows/ darkness similar to a motionless prowl not likely to be seen or heard when hiding motionless in darkness. 76+3% per level of experience.

         Senses the exact moment of the setting and raising of the sun.

         Recognizes vampires and sees shadow beast even when they are hiding in the shadows.

6.        Transformation: Krom can send a small part of his essence into one of his chosen warriors (priest).  Granting them near god like Stats making them the Sons & Daughters of Krom (Kroms Children).  How this benefits Krom is not known but he seems to grow stronger with every new Child that is created/born. 

7.        Rebirth: Krom has the unusual ability to rise from his grave.   After he has been slain in battle, a flock of crows will come seemingly out of nowhere and devour his corpse.  The crows cannot be harmed in any way or be hindered in their horrid task.  After the flock of crows has left there will be nothing left of the fallen god.  His weapons and armor disappear as well unless they were given freely by Krom himself.  After 1D6+1 days Krom well resurrect and resume his travels.  Whether this if a blessing or a curse on Krom is not know but it seems that he enjoys each little death and has remorse that he has been cheated by death yet one more time.

8.        Metamorphosis: Krom can assume any form that he desires for an indefinite period of time and has all the powers of that animalís shape.

Warrior/Priest Powers: Supernatural Senses, Supercharge, P.S.I. Sword, Night Stalking, Magical Powers, Power Absorption, Healing Factor, and Psionic Abilities

Invulnerability: Impervious to all forms of energy, including laser plasma electricity, PSI powers and all spell effects.  Magical weapons do half their normal damage.  Physical/Kinetic attacks, including punches bullets and explosions all do normal damage.

All Skills are Godly and equal to 98%

Combat: Hand to hand: Zanji Shinjinken-Ryo Number of attacks: 7 Initiative: +3 Restrained Punch: (6D6 S.D.C.) Punch (4D6 M.D.) Full Punch (1D6 x 10 M.D.) Knife Hand (2D4 M.D.) Kick (6D6 M.D.) Leap Kick (1D6 x 10 M.D.) Flip/Throw (2D4 M.D) Head But (2D4 M.D.) Body Block (4D4 M.D.  )

Bonuses: Damage: +28 Strike: +5 Parry: +5 Dodge: +11 Pull: +2 Roll: +3 Disarm: +2

Save VS. Insanity:  10 Psionics: 9 Magic: 12 Circles & Wards: 7 Magic Ritual: 6 Poison: 6 

Horror Factor: 10

Special Attacks

Knockout: 20 Death blow: 20 Critical Strike: 18-20

Body Armor

AR. 18 SDC 800 in M.D. worlds Magic Chain mail full suit 1200

  Weapons                               STK.                       P                                             Damage

The Anvil  (Sword Breaker) 4 (10)                         6 (12)                6' Blade2D6 x 10 M.D. (+ 10D6 for the Psi-sword + 24)

The Hammer                   3 (9)                        3 (8)                3' Blade1D6 x 10 M.D. (+ 10D6 for the Psi-sword + 24)

Fan of the Fire Wind      4  (Blast 6)             4 (12)                30 ft x 15ft wide Flame Blast 6D6  (Strike 2D4 M.D.)

Kisentite Battle Ax2         (8)                           1 (6)                6 ft                3D6 S.D.C

Chain                                      6                              4                10 ft                2D4 M.D. 6"inch Links

False Heart (Silver Knife)                4 (9)                        3 (8)                120 ft                3D6 M.D. (1D4 x 10 to the super natural)

Staff of the Stone Earth       3 (9)                        4 (9)                4 ft                6D6 M.D. (1D6 x 10 to creatures variable to wood)

Weapon Skills/Proficiencies

Ancient Weapons/W.P.s                                   Strike                Parry                Throw

Sword                                                                     6             6              3

Short Sword                                                          6             5              4

Paired: Long & Short Sword

Battle Ax                                                                 6             5              5

Blunt                                                                                      6                              5                              4

Chain                                                                      6             4              2

Knife                                                                      5             5              8

Staff                                                                        6             5              4

Iron Fan                                                                                 6              5

W.P. Archery & Targeting                              Strike                Parry                Rate                Range

Bow                                                     79       11        9         40 ft

Modern Weapons                                          Aim  Strike  Burst      + %    PER  LVL

Revolver                                                                9         6           0               6                             98

Automatic Pistol                                                 8         6           0               6                             98

Bolt-Action Rifle                                 8         6           0               6                             98

Automatic and Semi-automatic Rifles      8         6           0               6                             98

Sub-Machine-gun                                         8         6           0               6                             98

Heavy                                                                    8         6           0               6                             98

Laser Pistol                                                           8         6           0               6                             98

Laser Riffle                                                            8         6           0               6                             98

Heavy Energy Weapon                                 8         6           0               6                             98

Favorite Spells

Spells/Psionics/Talents            Range                Duration                 Damage            Save VS.  P.P.E./I.S.P. Hopping Stones                 100ft                    4 Melees per level       Pebbles 2D4         None            Six

                                                                                                                 Small rocks 1D4

                                                                                                                 Large (shoe size)

                                                                                                                 1D6 Very Large 3D6

Wall of Clay                        Can be cast up  4 min per level                                             None          Eight

                                              to 60 ft away      or until destroyed      S.D.C./M.D.C.

                                              and affects/                                               of wall 50 or 10 

                                              covers an 8 x 8 x 4 per level                    per level. Dropping the wall on someone  

                                                                                                                  inflicts 6D6 S.D.C. damage

Earth Rumble                        30 ft area and     1 melee per level         HF 14                         HF 14        Ten

                                              can be cast up

                                              to 50 ft per level

Little Mud Mound            Immediate area     30 min per level                                          None           30 

Travel Through Stone                 Self                   5 min per level                                    None          Thirty Five

Earthquake                       120 ft per level + 20 ft  1 melee per level  see Rifts con pg. 73 None       Fifty

Blinding Flash                         10 ft radius,           Instant                                                Standard     One

Fiery Touch                                   Self                   4 melees per level    4D6 S.D.C. or     None          Two

                                               up to 60 ft away                                          1D6 M.D.


Fire Ball                              90 ft + 20 ft per level   Instant               1D6 per level        Dodge 18   Ten           



Flame Friend                       Immediate area        15 min per level                                  None          Twenty

Cybernetics/Bionics                                                                                                                            None.  Well never use them.

Equipment: Usually has a magic bag of holding that can hold up to 2000 items with out feeling the weight of the bags contents.  The bag itself looks like any other back pack and can even change its size to look like a small pouch.  The bag can hold any object that can fit into its opening. The bag has an opening of   3 ft by 3-ft square.  Inside the bag is portable dimensional pocket.  Should a person be placed in the bag the properties of the bag will have no effect on them.  In other words they will not fit in the bag.

Contents of the bag:10 wooden spikes, TW water cannon Range 300 ft 3D6 x 10 Payload (special) unlimited, TW globe of Daylight Flares Range 2000 ft into the air and hovers 20 ft above the ground.