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Jackalope Gammor
Hamken Stone Serpent



The Gammor are a plant people or more precisely fungus they are composed out of a mushroom like substances. The mushrooms that the gammor are formed of are very hard and dense giving them a natural AR. of 16.  For the first few years of their life the gammor are stuck to the ground, at the age of twenty they break free of the ground by pulling their own roots (feet) up out of the earth.  Up to this time of their life they are not considered to be living thinking beings.  Consequently the gammor do not protect their young until there 18th year of life.  Many young (land locked) gammor end up as entrťes for the other inhibitions of the land.  At their birth they have reached full adulthood and begin their life as a sentient life form.  The gammor reproduce by dropping seeds from the undersides of their tops.  The gammor have no gender but commonly refer to each other as he or him.

The gammor come in two types greater and lesser.  The first (lesser) and most common type are the shorter toadstool looking gammor that are endowed with psychic powers and are also the builders merchants, servants and solders of their taller brethren.  The other (greater) and less common are the taller mushroom looking ones that are the magic users, judges, and rulers of their smaller brethren.  Their culture is one that is basted on a ruling class (royalty) with dukes, barons, knights and peasant farmers (Population breakdown is 1 greater for every 500 lesser).  The lesser gammor are expected to defend their lands so are trained in the use of weapons as well as psionics, the greater gammor are taught to use magic to defend their lands.  On the field of battle the lesser gammor fight equally as well with weapons as they do with psionics, often overwhelming their opponent with sheer numbers, fearlessness and recklessness.

                The gammor can live in any environment but prefer humid climates to any other type of climate.  Gammor like swamps, marshes, lakes and bogs best and many of their communities can be found in these locations.  The increase of fungal growth, mushrooms, and groves of immature gammor mark the borders of many of their lands.

                The gammor look like giant mushrooms with two arms, two legs, and two eyes. And a vertically slanted mouth.  The hands of the gammor look like shelf mushrooms that have four vaguely formed fingers and a thumb with webbing between them, the webbing can be grow or decreased (with a thought) for better handling of tools and equipment.  The hands can also be used as suction cups to hold on to objects or smooth surfaces (75% to maintain grip on ruff and course surfaces 89% for smooth surfaces). Their bodies look like organic robes that cover their feet (stump roots?) at all times even when walking.  Even when kicking its as if a new appendage grew out of their bodies and struck their opponent, if the gammor are knock over their base looks like the palms of their hands with no obvious feet.

Race: Gammor    Life Span: 150 to 200 plus years

Hit Points: 3D6 Plus P.E. 2D6 points per level of experience.

M.D.C: 2D4 x 10 + 200 Plus PE. and 2D6 per level

S.D.C: 2D4 x 10 + 200 if on a non-MDC world.

Natural AR: 16

Available O.C.Cís: Any Magical O.C.C. for the taller Gammor.  Any Psionic P.C.C.  For the shorter Gammor.

Alignment: Any but tends to be good or unprincipled.

I.Q.: 4D6, ME: 3D6+4, MA: 4D6, PS: 3D6+18, PP: 4D6, PE: 3D6+6, P.B: 2D6, S.P.D: 3D6 MPH:

PS and PE is considered supernatural.

P.P.E. and I.S.P. for young gammor are 3D6.  For the adults use the P.P.E. and I.S.P provided from their O.C.C. or P.C.C.

Height: 6 feet + 2D6 for magic class gammor 5 feet + 1D6 + 4 inches for psionic class gammor.

Weight: 100 lbs. + 2D6 x 10 for mages 100lbs. + 1D6 x 10 + 20 for psionic gammor.

Savings: Only those gained from O.C.C.

Market Value as Slaves or Fighters: 1,000 as fighters, 300 as slaves.

  Natural Abilities:

1.       Heals twice as fast as flesh and blood creatures, and can regenerate lost limbs and body parts within 3D4 x 10 days.

2.        Resistances to pain weapons inflict normal damage but the gammor are only half as sensitive to pain as mammals.

3.        Invisible to Sensors does not register on thermal or regular sensor. Even the most advanced sensor systems cannot differentiate between sentient plant life forms and ordinary plants, making sentient forms invisible to sensors. They are also invisible to mechanical detection when hiding among other plants and may be difficult to see with the naked eye, as they are likely to blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

4.        Gammor breath thought every inch of their bodies. They can wear clothes and armor (Gammor rarity wear any armor) that restricts most of the body and still breath normally. While all of this makes them nearly impossible to smother, they are extremely susceptible to defoliating chemicals:  -5 to save vs gases, sprays and other chemical attack designed to kill vegetation. However, they are impervious to most drugs and toxins designed to hurt or affect animal life.

5.        Gammor do not eat in the normal sense. They feed mostly on P.P.E., water and sunlight/solar energy (they need minimal sunlight to survive, while in a magic rich environment, only about one hour a day of sunlight is needed or 3 hours of artificial light). If a gammor is deprived of any energies that they need to survive will began to suffer from hunger which will slowly kill them. In game terms, it has the following effects: A penalty of minus two (-2) on P.S. and P.P., minus eight (-8) on S.D.C / M.D.C., and a reduction of speed by one-third (1/3) is applied for every 24 hours of starvation. These penalties are cumulative for each 24-hour period. After the S.D.C / M.D.C. is gone, damage continues to be done and hit points drop at the same rate (the damage can drop below the P.E. points by for death accrues). Gammors dying in this manner only need to have to be exposed to that which they need to live, for four hours to regain there lost hit points.  Gammor of good alignment will never kill a living creature for their P.P.E. this is considered to be an evil thing to do. Instead they can draw P.P.E. from ley lines or from living creatures with out killing them (they only need about 5 points a day to live if they are out of sunlight than they need 15 points a day to survive).

Heightened Senses:

1.        Track and maneuver by smell alone: 72%  +2% per level of experience. Roll once for every 2000 feet (1200 m). A failed roll means the scent trail is temporarily lost two successful rolls out of three means the trail has been rediscovered.

2.        Identify common, known smells and airborne aromas: 90%. Range: 200 feet (1200m).

3.        Remember and identify a specific unusual scent: 80% +1% per level of experience. Range: 1200 feet (365m).

4.        Smell/ Sense the coming of rain, smoke and large fires: 50% +2% per level of experience; two mile (3.2 km) range.

5.        Accurately sense the wind direction: 68% +2% per level of experience.

6.       Accurately sense the time of day and direction (north, south, east, and west, etc.): 80% +1% per level of experience but needs sunlight.  Without sunlight, reduce the success ratio by 40%.

7.        Accurately identify temperature (within 1D4 degrees): 70% +2% per level of experience; includes air temperature.

8.        Sense the location of under ground water reserves: 40% +2% per level of experience.

9.        Fell the vibrations of an approaching ground vehicle (s), giant bots, herd animals, explosion or earthquake up to six miles (9.6 km) away.  Running or walking humans 100 feet (350 m) away.  Flying vehicles or animals 500 feet ( 152 m ) away.  +2 initiative and a +1 to dodge.

10.     Hear ultrasonic sounds; super keen hearing: Average range 2000 feet ( 365 m )

11.    Communicate via natural telepathy: Average range is 400 feet ( 122 m ) when communicating with animal life, but ex tends to 1200 feet ( 366 m ) when communicating with sentient plant life.  Typically this is an automatic ability that does not require the expenditure of I.S.P.  

  Psionics:  The smaller gammor that look like toadstools are endowed with great psychic power.  The other gammor that look like taller mushrooms are magic users only, there are no variations to this rule.

  Skills on Note: Speak and read Dragon/Elf languages at 98%

Literate in one other Language 89%, Basic Math (50%), Lore Demon & Monster (45%), Plus any skills and or bonuses from their O.C.C.

Save VS.:  Psionics ( +2 ) Magic ( +3 ) Magic Ritual ( +2 ) Death /Coma ( +8% )

Preferred Weapons: The lesser gammor like to use axes, battle hammers, pole arms, staves, maces and bows they make and use enchanted versions of all above listed weapons.  They also carry many different types of pre-made spells that the greater gammor have prepared and given to the lesser gammor.

The greater gammor use all types of weapons but prefer to use enchanted weapons. They also carry many different types of pre-made spells that they have pre prepared.

Cybernetics/Bionics: None can never use them.

  Equipment: None to start except those gained from their O.C.Cís.

Preferred Armor: Rarely uses any, prefers to rely on their natural body armor.



The Hamken are fast thinking, fast talking people with a knack for causing trouble.  They eat constantly and nap often.  When not napping or eating they are making mischief.  The Hamken look like humanoid humming birds, they have long pointy beak; with eyes on the side of the head, thick brightly colored bodies, extra set of limbs with human hands, wings and taloned feet.

They bread once a year laying only one egg per year.  The hamken mate for life and help to raise their young together for the fist year of their life.  They grow up quickly and are able to fly after two months of being born and reach adulthood after one year and can breed at eighteen months.  They live in nests or birdhouses in tall towers, trees and buildings.  The constant chatter and ruckus drives many normal people insane.  Many other races dislike them profusely and go out of their way to harass them.

Hamkens think fast and are easily angered. This often means that they have short tempers when it comes to dealing with slow folks (how the Hamken refer to other people).  Because of this the hamken communities are usually set far from other communities.  The hamken that have communities within other communities often set themselves apart from the others by taking residence in high towers or tree tops.

Many Hamken start trouble that they can not handle.  If allowed to they will run away only to come back with enough reinforcements too handle even the toughest fighters.  They are not cowards but smart enough to know when help is needed.   A common motto among the Hamken is a ďruffle one feather and you ruffled the whole flock!Ē to the Hamken this means that any Hamken in trouble is worth helping.  Many other races disagree with this viewpoint, since a Hamken will even help a fellow floc member to escape from jail or a thief to escape from a crime scene.  The Hamken think this is a great game to play on the slow folk and do not see anything wrong with this.

The Hamken are also formidable warriors known for their quickness and skill with their swords (daggers).  The average Hamken will have two rapier stile swords on them at all times that have eight-inch blades each doing 2D4 S.D.C. damage.  They also like to use vibro-blades and small energy weapons when available.  They are all naturally ambidextrous and can use both swords and a gun and a sword at the same time.

Hamken require great amounts of food to sustain their high metabolic rate.  They love to eat sweets, fatty foods, and lots of beer.  If you want to information from a hamken give him a sweet treat. They will talk with you as long as the sweets keep coming.  But if you want to make friends with a Hamken, give him beer. The alcohol in the beer does not affect them; it tends to pass out of their systems very quickly.  Hamken can drink four times their body weight in liquor before they become a little drunk and eight times their body weight to become really drunk.

  Race: Hamken (humming bird)  

Life Span: 25 to 30 years.

Hit Points: S.D.C: 15 plus any gained from training.

Natural AR Rating: None

Available O.C.Cís: Any

Note: Take into account their size and hyperactivity when selecting their O.C.C.

Alignment: Any


I.Q.: 2D6 + 4, ME: 3D6, MA: 3D6, PS: 2D6, PP: 4D6 + 3, PE: 3D6, P.B: 3D6, S.P.D: 1D6x10+10 in flight 4D6 + 5 on land.  MPH:

PPE: 2D6

Height: 1ft 1D6 inches.  Wing Span: up to 1 foot.  Weight: 4 pounds + 1D6 pounds

Natural Abilities:

1.       Flight: Winged flight at speed of up to 45 Mph.  Hamken can also hover in place for up to 60 seconds before needing to readjust their height and balance.

2.       Multiple Limbs: All Hamken have fully formed wings and arms with fully functional hands.

3.       Ambidextrous:  Hamken are capable performing all tasks with either their left or right hands and can attack with two weapons at a time.  Plus they get and additional attack per melee round.

4.        High Metabolic Rate: A typical Hamken must eat at least 5 time their body weight in food a day.  If not they start to slow down (-2 to all combat bonuses and -10% to all skill roles) and are easily angered more so than usual.  They can only go with out food for two days before they die from starvation.  During times when food is scares the hamken can slow their metabolic rate down to about half its normal rate and must sleep frequently, (every five or six hours for three to five hours).  During this time they can go with out food for five days before they die from starvation.  The up side to this is their ability to perform tasks at half the time it takes other to do and they heal much faster than the normal human can.

5.       Healing Factor: Hamken heal at twice the normal rate of humans in half the time.  What this translates in to is that they recover 1D6 S.D.C every 4 melee rounds and 1D4 H.P. every 4 melee rounds.  They do tire after about six hours of activity but only need to sleep for thirty minutes before they are fully recharged.  Resistant to fire and cold (M.D. fire magical fire dues full damage) dues half damage. Resistant to drugs, toxins and poison due 1/2 damage and are only 1/2 as effective.  Broken bones heal completely without any signs of having being broken.  Limbs and appendages that are amputated DO NOT regenerate.  They must eat when first they awaken or soon there after.  If not then they suffer the same penalties as if they where starving until food is available.

6.       Weaving and Nest Building: Hamken are incredible weavers and nest builders.  They weave wonderful rugs and nets that are as strong as steel.  The rugs are true works of art with interact weaving and fantastic design. The nets that they weave are as made from the best fibers many are made from the silk from Wolfspiders.  Their nest is some thing to behold great works of wicker and twine with multiple levels and rooms.

Psionics: Standard, basically same as humans. 

Skills of Note:

Speak and read Japanese 98%Dragon/Elf languages at 98%, Speak in one other Language (+40%), Climb (+50%), Back Flip (+75%), Sense of Balance (+75%), Prowl (-10%), Tracking (+30%), Counter Tracking (+30%,) Land Navigation (+52%) W.P. Paired weapons auto skill (ambidextrous) They also have suffer a negative 15% to all skills that require concentration

Save VS.: Psionics ( +2 ) Magic ( +2 ) Magic Ritual ( +1 ) Death /Coma ( +8% ) Poison ( +2 ) Horror Factor ( +4  ) plus any gained from O.C.Cís.

Combat: 2 attacks per melee round to start plus any gained from hand to hand training.

  Bonuses: +3 to strike while in flight, +4 to dodge while in flight, No plus to parry or damage while in flight. +2 Disarm, +1 Initiative.  Punch does 1D4, Kick 1D4, leap Kick 1D6, Beak strike 1D4, Diving Beak Attack 2D4 all are S.D.C. attacks.

Body Armor: Only light weigh body armor mostly leather and light chain.

Cybernetics/Bionics: None to start but will use them if t does not hamper their ability to fly.

  Equipment:  None to start only that which is gained from O.C.C.



The Jackalope are a proud race of people that originated on the land, they can predate their history to a time before their world was shattered by the Great Old one AGU. 

The Jackalope live in tight committees that can number into the thousands.  They live much like the Japanese that live in the New Empire of Rifts earth.  There is even a permanent portal to Rifts earth that is located in the Japaneseís island chain near the New Empire; this would suggest that the jackalope might have visited Rifts earth in the distant past.  The Jackalope even fallow the Bushido code with all the vigor of the Japanese. 

The jackalope have many of the same O.C.Cís/R.C.C.ís that are found in the riftís Japan World book 8š including the Tengu, Cyber-Samurai, True Samurai, Tech-Ninja, Mystic Ninja, Glitter Boys and many more (due to the portal) and even a small colony of humans.  The technology that the humanís use is equivalent to modern Rifts earth with mega damage weapons and vehicles even some of the jackalope have began to use these tools of mankind.  Many still look upon the use of technology with suspicion but not fear.  Before humans came with their modern conveyances the jackalope had rufly 19th century technology with guns and explosives but only in small isolated places.  The rest of their world was very primitive indeed, much like rifts earth is now.

Jackalopes are very intolerant of other races like the Gammor but get along well with the Prog and humans.  But they still consider them to be second-class citizens.  This has lead to many battles between the Gammor and the Jackalope and their allies the Prog.  The jackalope dislike the use of magic, which the gammor use as a way of life.  This is not to say that all jackalope hate the gammor.  There can be found communities where the two live together in peace. 

There are very few magic using jackalope but the few that do are powerful indeed (they get an extra 3D6 P.P.E.).  The reason for this is that a jackalope was responsible for the destruction of their world.  A mad jackalope summoner had contacted AGU.  The Old one came to the Land and began to unleash the stored energies of the Land.  The energies that where discharge shattered their world, only by the intervention of Thoth was the Land saved.  Because of this the pursuit of magic is looked down upon and all magic users (excepted the Prog) are looked upon with fear. 

The exception to this rule seems to found in the Prog who are natural magic users and builders as well as thieves.  The prog supply the jackalope with many of their magical weapons and air ships.  It is the prog that make their rune swords and enchanted armor.  Because of this the jackalope protect the prog from the many dangers of the land.  

Psionics are not seen in the same manner as magic is for it is viewed as a natural thing. There are a few psionicly-powered jackalope they can be of any psionic character class.  They also get a plus 2D6 plus their P.C.C. bonuses.

In appearance the Jackalope look like humanoid rabbits with antlers.  They are omnivores that enjoy mostly fruits and vegetables.  One of their favorite foods happens to be mushrooms.  This also has led to many wars with the gammor since they are composed of a mushroom-like fungus.

Race: Jackalope   Life Span: 80 to 100 years   

Hit Points: PE x 2 plus 3D6 per level

S.D.C: 30 Plus any gained from physical training and their O.C.C..

Natural AR Rating:  None

Available O.C.Cís:  Any.  Many are men of arms. Only 5% are a magical O.C.C. these few are looked upon with suspicion in their communities.

Alignment: Any.   Most are of a good alignment.

I.Q.: 3D6ME: 3D6 + 4, MA: 3D6 + 4, PS: 4D6, PP: 3D6 + 12, PE: 3D6, P.B: 3D6, S.P.D: 1D4 x 10

Supernatural Strength and Physical Endurance.

I.S.P: 4D6 considered to be a minor Psychic.

Sizes: Height: 5 ft 2D6 inches  Weight: 85 lbs + 3D10

Natural Abilities:

1.       Sing:  Jackalopes are natural singers and have great voices.  + 25% to sing

2.     Leaping:  10ft across and 8ft high from a standing position 20ft across and 16ft high with a running start.

3.     Running:  Can run in miles equal to their amount of P.E. points without tiring or stopping and maintaining their maximum speed.  This can be done three times per day with short stops for water and food

4.     Nightvision: range 200 feet. The ability to see clearly in darkness. This does  includes total darkness.  They are able to see in total darkness like in a cave. 

5.     Advanced Sense of Hearing: Gives the jackalope the ability to hear very faint sounds (light footsteps, small animals breathing).  The jackalope can also overhear conversation at a much greater distance than is normally possible. Adds a plus 2 to initiative.

6.     Heightened Sense of Smell: Range 90 ft.

An exceptional sense of smell that can identify any smell within 90ft.


         Recognize specific odors: 60% +4 % per level of experience.

         Recognize a person by sent alone: 45% +5 % per level of experience.

         Recognize poisons and toxins: 50% +5 % per level of experience.  Note: some poison gases are odorless/tasteless/colorless.

         Track by smell: 40% +5 % per level of experience.  Reduce by 10% in a city or town.  Roll every 200 yards.

Psionics:  Standard, basically same as humans.

Skills of Note All Jackalopes have these skills and are in addition to any gained from O.C.C.ís:

Speak and read Japanese languages at 98%, Literate in one other Language (skill bonuses of 25%), Basic Math 60%, Forage for food +30%, Track Animals +30%, Tracking +30 %, Counter Tracking +35 %, Land Navigation +44 %, Prowl (30 %) 

Plus any gained from O.C.C..

Combat:  Starts with one attack per melee round to start plus those gained from Hand to hand training.

Bonuses: +2 to initiative (from hearing bonuses), +2 to roll with punches/falls, plus 2 to save vs Insanity, plus 2 to save vs Psionics, plus 3 to save vs Magic, plus 1 to save vs Magic Ritual, plus 3 to save vs Poison and plus 3 to save vs Horror Factor.

Damage:  Kick does 5D6, SDC leap Kick does 6D6 SDC, Power Kick 1D4x10 MD but counts as two attacks. Body Block at full charge does 4D6 damage

Equipment: The average Jackalope starts out with two water bags.  Each can hold half a gallon of water. And a sword and dagger, small pocket knife 20 feet of rope, tent and bed roll, a basic herb kit for medical reasons, five days of dried rations, a bow and a quiver of two dozen arrows, a cloak or duster, light body armor, utility belt, backpack, and satchel, 3 torches

Bionics & Cybernetics: They usually don't start out with out any.  They are seen as being an unnatural thing so are avoided by most jackalopes.



Stone Serpent

                Stone Serpents are a species of demon that call the nine lands home.  In appearance they look like multi-armed serpent with four horns made of obsidian two of the horns point up and two down they also have a Mohawk made of obsidian.  The arms of the serpent are of different in size and shape.  The lower set of arms end in five fingered hands that have needle sharp nails that are used to torture and eat.  The upper set is heavily muscled the hands have two fingers and a thumb each digit has a blade attached to it that is made of obsidian.  The blades are razor sharp, one foot in length and re-grow at an alarming rate after they have been broken (completely regenerate in two melees 30 seconds).

                Stone Serpents like all demons delight in torturer and suffering.  Many brave travelers have fallen victim to the might of these beasts and spent the remainder of their short days in agony.  The serpents are very skilled at torture and can keep a victim alive for day's.  Their skills are not limited to the physical they are also masters of psychological torture.  Their favorite form of torture is to slice off peaces of their victim and feed it to them or consume them while they watch.

                Stone Serpents hardly if ever use weapons but prefer to rely on their formidable weaponry and spells.  They also have a natural armor that is made of stone obsidian scales but underneath they are regular flesh and bone. 

Stone Serpents live alone very rarely will you find more than three living together in one place for very long.  The only time that this happens is when they are planning to waylay a large group of travelers.  Many times they will lord over lesser creatures leading packs of hunters.

Race: Demon

Life Span: Unknown presumed immortal.

Hit Points: 5D6+20 in S.D.C. worlds.

S.D.C: 2D6x10 in S.D.C. worlds.

M.D.C: 3D6x10

Available O.C.Cís: None NPC

Alignment: Diabolic


I.Q.: 3D6,M.E.: 3D6,M.A.: 2D6+20,P.S.: 2D6+24,P.P.: 3D6,P.E.: 2D6+20,P.B.: 2D6,

S.P.D.: 1D4x10 P.S. and P.E. are supernatural.

P.P.E.: 1D4x10

I.S.P: None

Size:  Length: 25 feet.  Weight: 800 lbs High: stands 10 feet

Natural Abilities:

1.       Jump: They can jump up to 20 feet long and 25 feet high.  By coiling and spring forth they can jump 25 feet long and 30 feet high.

2.        Night Vision: Can see in total darkness for up to 400 feet.

3.        Magic Powers: Stone Serpents can cast the following spells, Ground Thunder, Volcanic Gas, Flame Wind, Magic Missile, See the Invisible, Thunder Clap, Shadow Meld, Call Lightning and Wind Rush.  These spells can not be taught but are a natural ability to the Serpents.

Psionics:  None

Skills on Note All Stone Serpents have these skills.

Speak Dragonese/Eleven and Greek at 98%, Basic Math 30%, Climb 89%, Senesce of Balance   %, Prowl 98%, Swim 60%, Tracking 90%, Land Navigation 90%, Detect Ambush 50%

Combat: Equal to Hand to hand Assassin.  Restrained Punch: (3D6 S.D.C.) Punch (4D6 M.D.) Full Punch (6D6 M.D.) Claws (2D6 M.D.) Claws/Blades (1D4x10 M.D.) Horns (5D6 M.D.) Flip/Throw (3D6 S.D.C.) Head But (2D4 M.D.) Body Block (4D6 S.D.C.)


Number of attacks: (5) Initiative: (+3)

Damage: +5   Strike: +4  Parry: +5  Dodge: +3  Pull: +2   Roll: +6  Disarm:3

 Save VS. Psionics ( 2 ) Magic ( 3 ) Magic Ritual ( 2 ) Death /Coma ( 2% ) Poison ( 1 ) Horror Factor ( 4 )

Natural Armor: They have a natural armor that is made of stone obsidian scales its like wearing a full suit of chain mail armor.  This gives them a natural AR rating of 18

Cybernetics/Bionics: None, can never use them.

Market Value as Slaves or Fighters: As gladiators they draw quite a crowd and command around 50,000 credits as slaves they are almost impossible to control.  Lastly they can be skinned and made in to a handsome suit of armor with a AR rating of 16 and 120 SDC/MDC the draw back is that it is very heavy weighting around 40 lbs and has a -20% to prowl. Cost around 40,000 in gold or credits.  Their blades can also be cut and fixed to a sword hilt or spear tip.  The sword does 4D6 S.D.C. and can parry mega damage weapons as a spear it does 5D6 S.D.C they can also be enchanted very easily.

Treasure Horde: What ever valuables taken from their victims the usual treasure catch may star out around 2000 in gold and gems and small weapons.