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In closed is a copy of the manuscript from your distant uncle a package should soon arrive postage paid, you are instructed to not open it under any circumstances.  It is to be held until your uncle comes to retrieve it or failing this it is to be disposed of.  The length of time you are required to keep said package is one full year starting from the date that you receive it.


                                                                                    Sincerely Yours

                                                                                    J & J Law Services


Dearest Nephew:


As you know I am a collator of unusual items, I have many curious pieces of sculptor, peculiar paintings (although nothing to match Pickmen’s Model) and just strange odds and ends.  Many of these things have acquired at yard sales, swap meets, and a few have just come my way fallen into my hands so to speak.  One such item was queer sorts of thing a shape of sorts of no definable structure or form.  Let me try to relate to you how this particular thing came to me. 


The tell begins simply enough a close friend and I where on one of our weekly jaunts looking for new pieces to add to our separate collections.  On this particular hot summer day we where hitting the yard sales for this usually yelled the best prizes.  My friend and I pulled up to a strange little home, little more than a hovel.  It seems that the owner of the house had died recently and his son was liquidating all of his worldly possessions.  The recently deceased had quite an assortment of goods.  I made an exhalent find an old leather bound copy of the necronoacom, or at least it seemed to be leather, perhaps it was skin of a different kind?   None the less my friend and I took our prizes home.


The next day I paid a visit to my friend whom we shall call Chris A.  The day before when we where leaving the yard sale Chris A. had made a fantastic purchase or at least that was all he would say about his procurement, for he had it in a shoe box of all things.  When I asked him what he had in the box all he kept saying was that it was fantastic, unusual, astonishing, signaler in design that there is no other like it.  Of course with this spiel I had to see it!  But every time I asked to see it he would clutch the box tighter and say that “I should wait tell he had TIME to enjoy it first!”  Well this was quite unlike him.  Such a strange reaction even for persons such as we, almost as if he thought I would take this thing from him!  But when I showed up at his home he would not let me in, but poked only his face in the front window through a small opening in a black sheet that he had hung over the window.  “Go, Go AWAY ITS NOT READY YEAHT LEAVE!” at the end of this rant he withdrew his face.  Only to part the sheet again much more composed this time saying  “my friend come back in two days and I shall show you what I have found, yes show you”.  Will of course I demanded that he open the door and that such behave was unbecoming of a man such as he.  “No come back in two days,” he said with this he withdrew once again and would not respond no matter how much I call to him to let me in.  So with nothing better to do I left and waited out the two days eager to see what he had!


Upon my return to Chris A’s home I noticed an air of change upon his property the once healthy oaks in his front yard had begin to change like they where going through an early winter?  The mysterious thing about this was that it was the middle of the summer.  The grass and once shapely shrubs had started to lose their color and rot.  In appearance it was quite appalling but I liked the change and wondered how he had done this.  I also noticed that the temperature had dropped as soon as I walked up the drive to the front door.  The black sheet was still in place and there was no sign of life from with in.  I rapped upon the door lightly at first then more vigorously when there was no answer.  As I knocked I could not help but take note of the way that the paint fell in small flakes at first then larger pieces with each rap.  In fact the whole place was falling into bad repair.  Oddly he had just had the place painted and always took great care in how his home appeared.  I waited some time to see if he would come to the answer the door.


Growing inpatient I made my way to the back of his home past the front door to the right around to the back gate.  The gate was locked but gave way when I pushed on it, or should I say fell from the hinges that had rusted though.  The back yard was not as bad as the front but in disrepair like the front there was broken furniture and carpet thrown about the yard.  The back door that led to the kitchen was ajar so I walked in with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.  There was no light in the house and the tempter had dropped by at least 40° degrees.  The kitchen smelled of rotten fruit and stale water and the once beautiful kitchen table laid in a pile of splitter ruins upon the floor.  The sink was felled with water and bets of food, dirty dishes, and other unrecognizable bits of matter.  My motives began to change from curiosity to concern for my friend.  I made my way to the front room and found my friend here.  The room was empty but for a steel end table that had began to show signs of rust even the carpet was torn out this would explain the backyard. 


My friend was all but naked but for the shreds of clothing that hung from his once healthy frame.  Upon the table that sat before him was a monolith black in color what follows is the conversation that took place when I walked in.  I spoke first saying “Hay what is that?”  Chris A. replied “the shape.”  I asked “The shape of what?”  His strange reply was “the shape of things to come.”  My blood began to run cold with my next statement “what kind of things?”  “Lots of things…you’ll see.” Was his last reply.  That was the coherent thing that came from him.


The shape or monolith is a polymorphic thing with four sides ever changing.  The first side that was facing me a tombstone that features where forever changing showing names of people that have come before and will come after.  The next a vestige of a man so disfigured one would not want to look upon him.  The other a blackened window looking upon the stretches of time.  The last, images of thing that you would not want to think of even in the light of day.


Now’s my turn to look upon this thing, as for my friend he is no more for as I came upon him he was consumed by the monolith sucked in to it to travel time.  Yes time that is where he went and I shall soon fallow.  As for you keep the monolith safe until my eventual return and return I shall as a god.