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Ok here the first of my up data's to this web page.

July 11 reorganized the layout of the rifts web page.

Added new O.C.C.'s & R.C.C.

Added a spells section listed under the Circle Master O.C.C.

August the 4 1999 changed some things took out a few others added a new look to my front page.

August the 7 1999 Added new Picture to my  main page.

August the 30 1999 Added a new link to Lordketts web page plus put in the beginnings of the stone-ships in the items section.

September the 10 1999 added web site to the rifts web ring.

October the 20 1999 I have been in school full time so have not had time to update this site but I did put in some new graphic's in the spells section.

02 Jan 2000 It's bin awhile since I did any updates to this site other than some changes to the backgrounds that where hardly worth mentioning.  The reason being that I'm a fulltime student as of August 31.

Ok updates are as follows. Add a links page to my site with a pretty kickass website The Thieves Club. I also Created a listing for the spells that beak them down by level 1-15.

06 Jan 2000 added two new RCC's and one new monster. And three new magic rings.

08 September 2000 Ok been away for awhile and have not even thought of this site....  Ok here's what I did new background and a new story.

Today is Apr 25 04 been a very long time sense last I looked at this site... Going to take it down soon so if anyone is out there I hope you liked it. Even with all the type-O's and poor writing. LATER