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Circle Master Kroms Children


Circle Master

It was dark and silent in the hall the right place to lay a trap.  My pursuers begin to cry out in agony as they walked in to the trap I had laid for them.  I could hear their blood and vomit splash upon the ground as the poison wall spell took its effect.  Quickly I rounded the corner to see who had been foolish enough to follow me.  It was a pare of SSsss-Tec snake men assassins.  Speaking the words of power I burnt the flesh from their bones, putting an end to their agony.  I realized then that I had yet another enemy. 

 Leaving the way that I had came in down the stairs and out into the night air someone called my name, “Black Flame”.  Turning around I found myself facing the back up team of SSsss-Tec assassins and a fellow Circle Master, a duel perhaps?  If so, I was ready for them.

It was almost too late before I saw the zombie rodent.  I leaped away and cast a stonewall spell.  I was getting sloppy, damn sloppy.  Hopefully I would live through this and learn from my mistakes.  The zombie rat bomb exploded on the other side of the wall as the other mage had intended.  Casting quickness upon myself, I readied my Boom Bow and prepared to kill the assassins as they came around the wall to finish me off.  The first assassin was taken out with ease, by two quick shots.  The other soon followed and was blinded by the flash from my bow and died just as quickly after a few shots.  Luckily for me, they were not experienced enough and much too cocky to know better.

The Circle Master came next but had a surprise of his own.  He had a Bio-Laser (BHML-1) not very sporting of him.  I knew then that I had met my match (not).  He was gloating and started to tell me what a fool I was for not carrying a gun of my own.  He had not cast quickness so all I had to do was let him carry on for a while and let his guard down.  It did not take long.  I made my move and cast ground thunder, frying him to a crisp.  Fool should never have relied on technology and should have used his magic instead.  Oh well.  Searching his chard body, I found what I was looking for, clan markings.  My, not a new enemy like I had fist thought, but an old one.  Blood clan of the sixth continent, the Winter Land.  I would have to pay them a visit.

From the travels of Black Flame a Circle Master. 

The Circle Masters (not to be confused with the Summoner) is a little known form of spell casting throughout the rest of the Megaverse and not taught to many that are not of the land.  This form of magic relies on the use of physical tools as well as mystic words of power.  Like all practitioners of magic, the circle master can sense ley lines, nexus points, and can meditate to gain back spent P.P.E.  Unlike other magic users the Circle Master can see the invisible, sense creatures of magic, and has a Horror Factor.  The Masters also has access to very powerful magic and can summon powerful creatures to aid them or protect them.  Unlike most forms of magic they do not have to depend upon rituals to cast some of their most powerful spells, but they can still learn Ley Line Walker spells without any penalties.

Due to the type of environment that the Circle Masters come from they are also taught the fundamentals of fighting from unarmed combat to armed combat aswell as piloting skills.  Many are just as skilled in combat as most men at arms O.C.C.’s.  Some of the new stile Circle Masters have departed from the “old ways” as they call them, carrying and using hi-tech weapons instead of relying on their skills.  “Give me a laser pulse rifle or give me death” is a poplar saying among these rouges.  Older more experienced Circle Masters laughs at these young pups.  Due to the fact that swordplay is their first study and not magic they hardly ever make it vary far.

It is held in popular belief that the Circle Masters are severance’s of the Great Old Ones because of their use of power words.  This is not true, although they do use power words and do draw on vast power they do not serve or worship the Great Old one. Although there have been individuals that have wreaked great havoc on the land and the surrounding continents.

Who was it that created this form of spell casting and conjuring?  It is believed that Thoth was the inventor of this form of magic and the first to create the eight rune coins.  Many do not know this nor would it do them any good.  It is also rumored that there is a ninth circle and coin that will allow a Circle Master to cast all the spells from all the circles with this single coin.  Whether or not this coin and symbol exist has yet to be proven but rumors of its existence persists.

Alignment: Any

Attributes Requirements: I.Q. 12, M.E. 14, and M.A. of 13 

O.C.C. Abilities and Bonuses:


1.       Creation of Circle Master Symbols: Each Circle Master must create his or her own mystic medallion that represents each of the eight circles of magic.  These symbols are created to link the mage to their magic and as a portable circle.  They are commonly made from brass and shaped like a coin about one and a half inches in diameter.  They are indestructible and register as a minor mystic item.  The creation of the coins is a closely guarded secret that is never shared with other spell casters.  But coins may be given to other practitioners of magic so that they may also learn to cast the circle magic.  A Circle Master can not cast their magic without the use of his/her coins.  They must be either on them or worn as jewelry, spells can not be cast without them.  All other forms of magic that don’t require the use of the coins that the circle Master knows can still be cast as usual.

2.       Know the Nineteen Power Words: The Circle Master knows the nineteen-power word and how to use them as they are applied to their craft.

Note: Circle Masters can not use the words of power as a Diabolist does, nor do they know of this form of magic.

3.       Horror Factor: After intense training by a Circle Master a young Circle Mage gains a horror factor from the use of their magic and the knowledge of the words of power that comes with the Circle Magic.  Horror Factor/Awe: 8 + 2 at level three and six add another 1 at levels 9,12 and 15.  This aura does not extend to other Circle Mages and does not affect them.

4.       Supernatural Senses: All Circle Masters have the ability to sense supernatural beings (including other magic users). This ability does not pinpoint the location of these creatures, just that they have entered or left the range of the mages senses.  This power costs no I.S.P. and has a range of 50 feet + 10 feet per level of experience. This includes the expenditure of magic in the form of spells, rifting and techno-wizardry this can be felt by the Circle Master.  The Circle Master will not know the exact location or the source, but will be able to feel magic being used within his range.  Base chance of success.  40% plus 4 % per level of experience.

5.       Supernatural Sight: The Circle Master is so in tune with the forces of magic, that he or she can see magic energy radiating from people and places of power. This magical sight is so acute that the Master can see things made invisible by magic and invisible things that are magical, including supernatural creatures.  Range: four hundred feet. When looking at an individual creature, the mage has a chance to detect its true nature.  This includes shape shifters and magical creatures  (such as werewolves, metamorphed dragons, Dakiniâ, Dybbukâ, vampires, Night Spawnâ and Raksasha). 65% + 5% per level of experiences. 

6.       Understanding Scrolls Books and Magical Material: The Circle Master knows how to read and use all forms of scrolls and books of magic.  This includes rituals, symbols, incantations and paraphernalia.  This allows them to distinguish between fake “occult” materials and the real thing, as well as to determine the general purpose of the specific items and even which supernatural forces are involved.  Base Skill: 70% +2% per level of experience.  A failed role means the character does not realize or misunderstands the significance of the evidence, dismissing it as fake or maybe even thinking a forgery or charlatan’s scribbling are authentic.

7.       Initial Spell Knowledge: A first level Circle Master may select one spell from each magic level one through four, for a total of four spells (one from each) from a standard spell list.  The Circle Master also selects eight more spells from the Circle Master spell list from the first circle, second, third or fourth.  You can elect to select spells only from the Circle Master spell list.  At each additional level of experience the Circle Master may select or learn one spell equal to his own level of achievement from a standard spell list. Or the Circle Master can select two new spells from the Circle Master spell list equal to his/her levels of experience.

8.       Learning New Spells: Additional spells and rituals may be purchased at magic guilds at any time regardless of the magi’s experience level.  But Circle Master spells can only he learned and purchased from fellow Circle Masters.

9.        Magic Bonuses:  +6 to save vs. Horror Factor. +4 to save vs. Magic add a plus 1 at levels four, seven, ten, and thirteen.  +1 to spell strength at levels three, six, seven, ten, and twelve.

10.    P.P.E.:  Like all spell casters, the Circle Master is a living battery for magic energy.  Unlike the other magic O.C.C’s, the Circle Master has the greatest amount of permanent P.P.E. Permanent Base P.P.E.: 2D6x10+20, in addition to the characters P.E. attribute number.  Add 3D6 P.P.E. per level of experiences.  Of course the Mage can draw on magic from ley lines, other people, nexus points, P.P.E. storage devices like talismans and blood sacrifices.

 O.C.C. Skills:

Mathematics: Basic (+25%)

Tracking: (+5%)

First Aid: (+10%)

Land Navigation: (+10%)

Language: (Native dialect 98% plus two of choice +15%)

Literacy: (Native dialect 98% plus two of choice +15%)

Two Lore skills of choice (+15%)

Hand to Hand: expert

Hand to Hand: expert can be changed to hand to hand martial arts at the cost of one “other” skill or to assassin if an evil alignment for the cost of two “other” skills.

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select eight other skills, but two must be from the science category.  Plus select two additional skills at level three, and one at levels six, nine, and twelve.  All new skills start at level one proficiency.

Communications:  Any (+5%)

Domestic: Any (+5%)

Electrical: Any

Espionage: Intelligence and wilderness survival only.

Mechanical: Any

Medical: Any (+5%)

Military:  None

Physical: Any (+5%)

Pilot: Any

Pilot Related: Any

Rogue: Streetwise and Concealment only

Science: Any (+10%)

Technical: Any (+10%)

W.P.: Any

Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills from those listed.  These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses.  All secondary skills start at the base skill level.  

Note: Use the Ley line walk Exp Table.

Standard Equipment: Three changes of clothing, a cloak or duster, light body armor, utility belt, backpack, or satchel, two water skins, 100 ft of rope, two weeks of rations, a flashlight (if from a high tech area), cross, silver plated knife, four wooden stakes, a sword of choice, one more melee stile weapon of choice, a energy pistol or pistol of choice (if from a high tech area), a energy rifle, heavy weapon or conventional rifle of choices (if from a high tech area) all with two extra E-clips or equivalent in ammo reloads.  A vehicle to get around in or a riding mount (a mortal cycle, jeep, truck, horse ect.).

Note: Energy weapons and conventional weapons can be traded for melee style weapons.  Weapons and equipment can be selected from any Riftsâ book that is applicable.  Keep in mind that there are high-tech as well as low-tech areas.

Money: 2D4 x1000 in gold plus 2D6 x 1000 in marketable goods that can be sold for money.

Cybernetics:  Because of the way that cybernetics interfere with the flow of magic energy Circle Master never will every use them.



The Sons & Daughters of Krom ( Kroms Children )O.C.C.

Like all gods Krom wished to have followers and champions. To this end he created and bestowed upon a select few the powers of a god and set them to struggle for power.

Note: Also see N.P.C. KROM for stats on Krom.

O.C.C. Requirements All natural creatures can become Kroms children they must be Humanoid in Appearance and meet Kroms standards. This includes giants, mutant animals, alien races like the Errasa or Photins as long as the race is not demonic in origin and is human in appearance (i.e. has two legs and two arms or four arms).

Alignment: Any

Attributes: Go by original O.C.C. or R.C.C. attributes add the following bonuses.

Add 2D6 to P.S. Note: Every time that an Child of Krom kills another one of their brethren their P.S. attribute goes up by 1 point up to a max. of 40.

Change P.P. to 16 + 2D6 ( If P.P. was greater in the original O.C.C./ R.C.C. go by that one).

Add 1D6. to P.B. Add 2D4 to M.E.. Add 3D6 to Speed

S.D.C.: The base S.D.C. is higher than a normal creature start out with 30 points plus skill bonuses.

Hit Points: P.E. x 2 plus 2D6 per level of experience.

Note: A Son or Daughter of Krom can drop to -05 H.P. before they slip into a coma, and can drop as low as -30 H.P. before they die.

PPE: Sons and Daughters of Krom are living batteries of mystic energy. The base P.P.E. of the magic user is determined by rolling 3D4 x10 and adding it to the P.E. attribute. Add 3D6 P.P.E. per level of experience.

I.S.P: 3D4 x 10 plus M.E. attribute. Add 3D4 per addition level of experience ( considered a master psychic ). If a magic user reduced I.S.P. to 1D4 x 10 plus M.E. attribute. Add 2D4 per level of experience.


  1. Supernal Senses: All Sons and Daughters of Krom have the ability to sense supernatural beings ( including other immortals). This power cost no I.S.P. and has a range of 60 feet + 10 feet per level of experience. This ability does not pinpoint the location off these creatures, just that they have entered or left the range of the immortals senses. When looking at an individual creature, the immortal has a chance to detect its true nature. Base chance of success. 40% plus 4 % per level of experience. (None of these skills can be absorbed from another immortal).

2. P.S.I. Sword (special)

  • Duration: Permanent as long as your sword is drawn and in your hand. Can be canceled at any time by the immortal.

    I.S.P. : None an O.C.C. ability

    Saving Throw: None

    Psi-swords are psychic energy weapons that the character can will mentally into existence. In the case of the immortal, the Psi-sword manifest around their sword every time that the immortal draws it from it's sheath. A field of mega damage energy appears around the sword that has the same effect as a normal Psi-sword, but without the use of any I.S.P. . The color of the field of energy can even change to match the mood of the character. The physical sword that the Psi-swords manifest around becomes an indestructible weapon, able to parry energy, enchanted, and rune weapons without damaging the sword it self. Projectiles, laser, and energy beams can be parried as well, without damaging the sword, but without any skill modifiers.

    Psi-sword Damage: 4D6 at level one in addition to any P.S. bonuses. Add 1D6 at level two, three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, and level fifteen. The damage points can be adjusted to inflict a minimum of 2D6 damage points, or increased by increments of 1D6 up to the character's current maximum. Also add in any special damage done by the physical sword. Note: If your physical sword has a higher level of damage go by that one. Plus add in any P.S. damage and add 2D6 to the total damage.

  • 3. Supercharge

  • Range: Self

    Duration: One minute per level of experience.

    I.S.P.: 20 ( 30 in mega damage worlds ).

    Saving Throw: None

    This power channels the character's psychic energies into his own body, temporarily granting him +6 to P.S., which becomes supernatural, and an additional 40 S.D.C ( S.D.C. becomes M.D.C. in Rifts settings) for the duration of the power. This power is especially handy when combating vampires and other superhuman monstrosities.

  • 4. Night Stalking:

    5. Healing Factor:

  • 6. Psionic Abilities: At first level, Children of Krom start out with the following abilities: alter aura, detect psionics, empathy, empathic transmission, mind block, object read, presence sense, see aura, see the invisible, telepathy, sense magic, summon inner strength, sixth sense, suggestion, meditation and total recall. Select an additional two powers of choice from the master psionic category or one from the sensitive, physical or healing powers categories. Or they can select three from one or one from one and two from another.

    At each level after the first, the character can select one power from the master, sensitive, healing or physical category.

    Note: O.C.C. s that do not have Psionic powers must take magic as their specialty. They can still get the starting psionic powers (same as the mage) but must use P.P.E to use them. Their I.S.P. base is only 1D4 and it never increases.

    7. Magic: If an Child of Krom wishes to become a magic user he must sacrifice a good part of his psionic powers. The following powers are lost: mind block, presence sense, see aura, see the invisible, sense magic, suggestion, and total recall. Note: Magic using Children can not learn (absorb)any new psionic skills.

    Use the Ley Line Walkers O.C.C. Abilities for the Children of Krom magical abilities ( they do not get any bonuses modifiers from the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. ). Children of Krom can also learn different spell from other magical O.C.C.. Such as Temporal Wizard, Phase Adapt, Diabolist ect.. but do not get any special bonuses from their O.C.C.. Note: If the Original R.C.C. could not use magic, then the Son or Daughter of Krom can not use magic at all and they are restricted to using psionic powers only.

  • Combat: Starts with one attack per melee round to start plus those gained from Hand to hand training.

    W.P. sword + 2 to strike + 3 to parry in addition to skill level bonuses. + 1 to strike and parry to all other W.P. melee type weapons. +1 To initiative +2 To damage

    Bonuses: + 2 to save vs psionic attacks and all forms of mind control ( including drugs). +3 to save vs possession and insanity, + 3 to save vs magic, + 3 To save vs horror factor, + 1 on all perception rolls; all are in addition to skill and attribute bonuses.

    O.C.C. Skills:

    Basic Math

    Radio: Basic (10%)

    Tracking: (+5%)

    Tracking Humanoid: (+15%)

    First Aid: ( +10%)

    Land Navigation: (+10%)

    Navigation: (+15%)

    Piloting (two of choice: +10%)

    Read Sensory Equipment: (+10%)

    Weapon Systems: (+10%)

    Street wise: (+12%)

    Language: (Native dialect 98% plus three of choice +15%)

    Literacy: ( +5%)

    Lore-Demons and Monsters: (+15%)

    W.P. sword ( see O.C.C. bonuses for skill modifiers)

    W.P. (two melee style weapons of choice. See O.C.C. bonuses for skill modifiers)

    W.P. (three modern Weapons of choice)

    Hand to Hand: Expert

    Hand to Hand: Expert can be changed to Martial Arts (or Assassin if evil) at the cost of one "other" skill.

    O.O.C Related Skills: Select five other skills. Plus select two additional skills at level three and one at levels six, nine, and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency

    Communications: Any

    Domestic: Any

    Electrical: Any

    Espionage: Any (+5% )

    Mechanical: Any (+ 5 % )

    Medical: Any (+5% )

    Military: Any (+15% )

    Physical: Any

    Pilot: Any (+10% )

    Pilot Related: Any

    Rogue: Any (+15%)

    Science: Any (+5%)

    Technical: Any (+5%)

    W.P.: Any

    Wilderness: Any

    Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select seven secondary skills from the previous list. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonuses listed in the parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base skill level.

    Alliances and Allies: Depending on their alignment they may side up with anyone even other Immortals However Immortal tend to be loaners.

    Weapons and Equipment: Three changes of clothing, a cloak or duster, light body armor, utility belt, backpack, or satchel, flashlight, portable language translator, C.D. player, eight C.D.'s, a knife, a sword of choice, one more melee style weapon of choice, a energy pistol or pistol of choice, a energy rifle or rifle of choice and a heavy energy weapon of choice ( all with two extra E-clips or equivalent in ammo reloads ) . A vehicle to get around in ( a mortal cycle, jeep, truck, ect.).

    Bionics & Cybernetics: They usually don't start out with out any, but they are usable by Children of Krom without the usual penalties. There are none of the bad side effects that are associated with the use of Bionics and Cybernetics, when they use them. The implant will even have the same level of sensitivity as the original limb or organ.

    Only 75% conversions are possible with out losing all O.C.C. abilities. A full conversion ( 80% or more ) will make them just like any other Borg.. They will no longer have the use of magical or psionic powers.

    Money: : As a traveler they start out with only 3D6 x 1000 in credits and 2D6 x 100 in sellable goods

    Vulnerabilities / Penalties: Sons and Daughters of Krom can die just like any other creature, they can take so much damage that their healing powers cannot composite ( they can be vaporized, atomized or incendiaried ). One way is to cut off their head. If an Child of Krom dies in any other fashion than having their head cut of by another fellow Child of Krom then their skills and power are lost forever.

    All Children of Krom are sterile ( they can never have children) unless they lose their powers ( as an Child of Krom ) permanently.

    Fighting on holy ground is the greatest sacrilege that a Child of Krom can commit. By fighting on holy ground an immortal risks losing their powers. Krom does not permit fighting in another gods temple and may take back his gift of power. The punishment for this act could last for hours or days depending on the severity of the offense

    Penalties for fighting on Holy Ground:

    First offense lose all O.C.C abilities for 2D6 hours.

    Second offense lose all O.C.C abilities for 1D6 days.

    Third offense lose all O.C.C abilities for 3D6 months

    On the forth offense you lose all O.C.C abilities forever and may invoke the wrath of Krom himself.

    Should an Child of Krom kill one of their brethren on holy ground the usual benefits that occur from the power absorption will not take place. Instead the Child of Krom that committed the offense will take 2D6x10 damage.

    Power Absorption:

    Children of Krom have the unique ability to Absorb psionic and magic powers. To this end they must cut the head from another Sons or Daughter to take their power and knowledge. For example: Rodrick kills Sam (who is a Child of Krom). Sam was a Mage, Rodrick cuts off his head killing him. Now all his spell knowledge and some of his P.P.E. strength are absorbed by Rodrick. All the spells that Rodrick didn't already have and that Sam had Rodrick now absorbs and knows. These new spells start out like any other spell that Rodrick already had.

    Any psionic powers that one child of Krom had and that the other didn't have. The winner of the battle now has at his own level of experience. Example: Sam had Induce Sleep at fourth level Rodrick is currently at third level of experience, he now has Induce Sleep at third level efficacy. Note: Psionic skill advance in a normal fashion.

    All of the I.S.P./P.P.E. is absorbed when a Child of Krom kills his brother/sister but only 10 points of I.S.P./P.P.E. are add to their permanent base. The energy that is released during death must be used by the victor within 48 hours after a kill, or the extra energy slowly dissipates into the surrounding environment. In the meantime the victor is a power house of energy. All psionic and magic abilities cost only half as much and are twice as effective and healing occurs twice as fast. All saving throws are doubled also

    All Children of Krom must specialize in either magic or psionics but not both. So a magic using Child can not absorb any psychics power or vise versa. Any powers that are the same as a spell can be learned ( absorbed ) but only as psychic power, the same goes for psionic powers.

    The act of absorbing the power and knowledge of another being is physically draining and debilitating. To determine the recovery time from Power Absorption role under your M.E.. A successful role means that it only takes 1D4 melees to recover. A failed role means that it will take 1D6+4 melees to recover. They are -3 to all combat bonuses, -50% to all skill roles and can not cast spells or use their psionics, for the duration of the effects of the power absorption.

    Note: An Child of Krom must be at zero H.P. before their head can be cut off.